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This is it! The SUV reimagined! It is the SUV that is taking you places, whether be it the office or the forest. The new Volvo XC60 is a mid-sized SUV that has a unique Scandinavian look and feel about it, sophisticated, unique, intelligent and safe. This the SUV that’s evolved.

Safety is of up most importance to us, that why we made the XC60 a safe place for all. We use the latest technologies that are available, like our camera and radar sensor that help detect pedestrian, animals and other vehicles, and warns you if an imminent collision might a cure. With Volvo’s city safety your XC60 can also automatically brake and help you steer out of dangers why as best as possible.

Your new Volvo XC60 would not be complete without a world class sound system! That’s why you will find we offer Harman Kardon premium sound or top of the range Bower & Wilkins audio! So what are you waiting for? Your New Volvo XC60 awaits you!

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