New Suzuki Grand Vitara

New Suzuki Grand Vitara

Back in 1988 the first generation Vitara was conceptualised. The vision of an all-wheel drive turned into reality with the launch of a versatile and aesthetically appealing SUV with rugged lines and enhanced driving dynamics. Twenty five years on, the Vitara’s heritage is captured in a fresh and sporty SUV.

Style and Comfort

A high-level luxurious interior with spacious seating capacity for five, The Suzuki Grand Vitara redefines the modern SUV. The GLX model boasts an impressive sunroof which consists of two overlapping glass panels which can both slide, so they don’t affect the cabin or carrier space.

The Most Capable 4x4 SUV

Go where most can’t with the low-range gear mode to get you through extreme surface conditions. If that doesn’t tantalise your taste for adventure, then the 200mm ground clearance, built-in ladder frame for increased austerity and electronic stability control for exceptional handling and enhanced safety will. The Suzuki Grand Vitara is unlike no other 4x4 SUV and offers you great value for your money while delivering pure driving pleasure, both on and off the road. The Grand Vitara carries a standard 5 year / 200,000km warranty plan and a 6 year / 90,000km service plan.