Penta Nissan Standerton | New Nissan NV350 Van

New Nissan NV350 Van

Bold, dynamic looks with an angled strut grille create a powerful presence that hints at the serious carrying capabilities within the Nissan NV350. The driver’s cabin is designed to be comfortable, appealing and, above all functional. Generous interior space adds to the comfort, while the multifunctional instrument display is positioned centrally for increased visibility of the gauges and indicators. Thoughtfully designed and generously sized storage pockets and drink holders complete the practicality of the driver’s cabin, offering an attractive and functional workplace for any driver.

Space Saver

The exceptionally generous cargo area of the Nissan NV350 tells you one thing: this Light Commercial Vehicle is built to carry your business to the next level. With a large load capacity, the Nissan NV350 Wide Body High Roof can carry cargo up to 3.25m long, with an interior width of 1.73m and a height of 1.645m. Embedded mounting nuts on the interior side panels provide convenient anchor points for hooks, shelves or other fittings, while flattened wheel arches mean more items can be loaded. Along with improved profitability.

Low Cost of Ownership

With a choice of a fuel injected 2.5 litre petrol engine, or a 2.5 diesel engine, the Nissan NV350 offers incredibly economical options along with the power to get the job done. Together with its 5-speed manual transmission, smooth and responsive acceleration from start to cruising speed, the Nissan NV350 ensures that you deliver your cargo quickly and reliably every time.