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Nissan Nissan Patrol - 5 Generations of Strength

The Nissan Patrol has a proud heritage, composed of power, determination and strength. This legacy of reliability and superior 4x4 capability remains true today, and it’s why you can take the Nissan Patrol where others don’t dare to go.

The Nissan Patrol is a compelling package of muscle and sophistication, combining legendary power, superior comfort and authentic off-road capability. Imposing looks and bold styling make a big impression outside, while high standards of refinement found inside. Unstoppable power and torque allows you to get into and out of tough terrain with ease, bringing a satisfying new perspective to all your pursuits. Experience it. Push boundaries and shift the limits of off-road adventure.

Unstoppable Power and Torque

Matched to a 5-speed manual transmission, the 3 litre direct injection turbo diesel model with intercooler offers unstoppable power and torque to get you into and out of tough spots, with all the benefits of diesel fuel economy, and feels refined and relaxed even when you're engaged in serious towing.

Any Destination

When the going gets tough, get going in a Nissan Patrol. Climb a 39 degree gradient. Wade through 700mm of water. Taking the rough with the smooth, the Nissan Patrol's all steel body on a strong ladder frame chassis, highly articulated suspension and flexible four-wheel drive system make it relentless. On-road and off.