Jeep Service & Parts in Montana and Menlyn

Jeep Services & Parts

When you buy a Jeep vehicle, you immediately benefit from a service designed to ensure safer travelling and keep unforeseen expenses at bay. Schedule your next Jeep service through the leading Jeep dealerships in Menlyn by booking online. We specialise in the minor to major Jeep repairs by our highly skilled service technicians, repairs and maintenance all within our approved service centre. Keep your Jeep running optimally and in pristine condition by keeping up to date with your warranty. Our service warranty includes -

  • Repair or replacement of the faulty component
  • Manpower needed for the replacement or repair
  • Supply of consumable materials needed to carry out the repair under Warranty

Genuine Jeep Parts & Accessories

Choose only Mopar® OEM authentic spare parts for your Jeep. With over 40 years of experience producing class-leading car parts for Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles, it is the ideal solution for ensuring the future value of your Jeep. The perfect outside appearance, the high aerodynamic performance and the structural characteristics of body original spare parts ensure optimum integration for your safety. Contact our parts department 010 446 4032 or enquire online for assistance.