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The Abarth Journey:

Carlo Abarth After his 'apple diet'.

The birth of a legend

On 15th of November 1908 in Austria, a legend was born. By the age of 11 Carlo Abarth was already a motor enthusiast. He spent his childhood days covering the wooden wheels of his scooter with a leather belt so that he could go faster and win races against the older children in his neighborhood.

Carlo’s DNA was made up of motoring fascination. His interest in performance and speed drew him to the temptations of a challenge, whether on two wheels or four.

The race against the train​​

On the leather seat of a motorbike accompanied by a side-car, Carlo Abarth was convinced that he could complete a trip faster than the Orient Express train. After a journey stretching over 850 miles from Vienna to Ostend, Carlo came out first.

From Races to Retail

In 1949, after a successful career as a motorcycle and car racer, Carlo Abarth founded Abarth & C. with Guido Scagliarini. The first model which they created was the 204 A Roadster, based on the FIAT 1100. This vehicle grew immense popularity, and won the 1100 Sport Championship as well as Formula 2.

Alongside racing, the company also began to produce accessories such as tuning kits which improved performance, power and speed of standard vehicles.

Over only a few years, Abarth & C. had employed 375 people and were producing more than 300,000 exhaust systems annually.

Not just racing driver, a champion.

When asked to replace a driver who was ill, Carlo Abarth achieved the fastest completion time in the first practice session. The other drivers could not believe this and accusations came about that he had tampered with the vehicle. In order to prove otherwise, Carlo changed vehicles...

In the second practice, Carlo once again came out on top, with an even faster time.

The Abarth brand growth

Abarth vehicles have a reputation for being high-performing and powerful, but first and foremost they are small and agile just like the Scorpion.

Carlo’s performance modified cars had immense success in every competition and with Carlo himself at the wheel, ended up setting many records.

During the 1950s and throughout the 1960s, the Abarth brand achieved massive growth, continuously making a name for itself in the public mind and becoming inherently associated with tuning and performance. The Abarth brand truly changed the sports car world.

The Record Breaker

At the age of 57, Carlo Abarth was awarded an acceleration award after setting a record at the wheel of his Class G Fiat Abarth “1000 monoposto record”. The next day he achieved the same record in a Class E single-seater.

He had lost 30 kg by following a strict diet of only apples so he could squeeze into the cockpit.

Abarth Today

Today, the Abarth brand maintains its unique DNA, and is a synonym of performance, great driving pleasure, sexiness and sporty appeal.

The story of the Scorpio continues to develop, facing new challenges, creating unique vehicles and giving great exhilaration to whoever has the pleasure of driving these vehicles.